If you haven't discovered www.ted.com by now, I urge you to watch some of these presentations. At least 90% are excellent. Think about the characteristics that make these people good presenters and "borrow" the ones that work for you. I'm not suggesting that you become someone else when presenting (authenticity is paramount)...just pick up on some of their best practices.
Here are three tips to help manage attention during your next presentation:

  1. If you use PowerPoint, replace text with simple graphics. Your audience can process graphics much faster than text. This is especially helpful with multicultural audiences. Remember, you are the messenger, not PowerPoint.
  2. Close window blinds to hallways that have people walking by. Some folks can be so nosy!
  3. Don't hand out stacks of papers until the end of your presentation. If you must hand them out, do so in small chunks so what your saying is in sync with what they are seeing.